Discover the mesmerising world of sea jellies—their biology and ecology and how humans and sea jellies live together. Explore the latest research projects our sea jelly scientists are studying.

Proudly supported by Griffith University and Village Roadshow Theme Parks

What are Sea Jellies?

Sea jellies (or jellyfish, although they are not really fish!) have existed for over 500 million years, placing them among the oldest animals on Earth.


Biology of Sea Jellies

Find out how sea jellies swim, sting and reproduce.


Ecology of Sea Jellies

What do sea jellies eat, what eats sea jellies, what symbiotic relationships do sea jellies have as well as spectacular population blooms.


Humans and Sea Jellies

Sea jellies benefit people in many ways, including as a source of food and through their contributions to medical science.


Sea Jelly Research

We use a combination of field and laboratory-based experiments and meta-analyses to test hypotheses about sea jelly ecology.


Griffith University has cemented its partnership with iconic Gold Coast theme park Sea World with the opening of the Sea Jellies Illuminated exhibit. The exhibition gives Sea World visitors the chance to get up close to a range of different sea jelly species in an array of eye-catching ‘illuminated’ displays while learning more about these amazing aquatic animals.